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Reminders, Contacts and iPhone 6 – iCloud Sync

iCloud sync, Mac OS X (Yosemite) and iOS 8 combined are great tools to keep my data updated to each other on the two most commonly use devices I have. A MacBook and an iPhone. After some personalized settings on my iPhone, I sometimes found that Reminders and Contacts on iPhone and/or MacBook were not updated or synchronized. WHY?

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Sync Now – Lion

When I upgraded to Mac OS Lion, I didn’t notice this ‘Sync Now’ icon. But it appeared on my Menubar soon after. I didn’t really care about it because later I realized it helps me to manually sync’ed with my Google Apps contents (i.e.:Address book (Google Contacts)).

Well, to remove it from the Menubar is easy. Command (⌘)+ Click on the icon and drag it off the Menubar. Done!

How do you get it back??!

Here’s what I did.

Address Book's Preferences
Address Book's Preferences

Open the Address Book’s Preferences. On Account, click Configure. And then click “OK”. And the Sync Now icon back on your Menubar.

Remember, when you click on Configure; continue to click “OK”. Should you choose to click “Cancel”, your Preferences will automatically assumed that you no longer want to synchronize with Google.

GroomMePretty upgrade – panicked!

Being a lazy-Sunday system administrator, I upgraded the WordPress back-end without doing the usual best practice, B.a.c.k.u.p.! *stupid! don’t ever do this again*. Whatever your reasons are, find a way to backup.. Always..

Well, I’ve upgraded few other sites – nothing worth to remember happens. It was event-less, no problem, mundane, nothing and boring. Click upgrade automatically; take a sip of coffee, flip few TV channels and done. Go to the site URL and everything looks fine. Not  today!!

I went to site URL: and I got this:

I wasn’t panic yet… Told myself, “It’s okay… This sometimes happened. Just go “wp-admin” and what updates I need to further upgrade to fix this. So, I went to WordPress URL. Uh-ooooooohh! The same error as above. Now I panic, cause I don’t have anything backed up!

I quickly mobile text to the site owner , “Oh no!! Something happened to!”. I better let her know before she finds it herself. *the room feels like a bit too chill now* I went blank for a moment. I rarely facing this type of situation. *LOL*

Anyway, few minutes past by; I finally get my brain running again. Google the error message and it brought me to here: arrastheme forum.

Two options: (1) apply Theme’s patch. — can’t do because I cannot login to WordPress dashboard.

(2) manually change a line code in <web folder>/wp-content/themes/arras/library/widgets.php. — yeap I go for this one.

class Arras_Widget_Tag_Cloud extends WP_Widget_Tag_Cloud {
    function Arras_Widget_Tag_Cloud() {
        //(I comment this) $this->WP_Widget_Tag_Cloud();
        //(I add the line below, as per the forum suggest)

Save the file and reload the URL. Wheww.. It fixed!

Celcom Tethering on Lion with Blackberry

Recently, I did a fresh install of my Macbook to the latest OS X Lion. What’s up with the fresh install, you might asked? Well, I skipped Snow Leopard. Plus I think, my old Leopard hard disk may had some problems with the File-System (due to force-shutdown & etc), of which I am not interested in troubleshooting. I’m pretty sure a wipe-clean and re-install would solve the problem. In less than an hour (not included time to download latest updates, after that) – I got Lion all new and nicely installed.

Okay… Among other things that got really simple and easy in Lion; setting up my BlackBerry to tether is also getting really simple.

As usual, I would install BlackBerry Desktop Software first. I don’t know if this is necessary should you just want to tether but not to sync your BlackBerry with your Mac. For me, I need both; so installing the Blackberry Desktop Manager would be my first step.
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Joomla 1.6 – How do you removed a template?

Joomla 1.6 has been released and as always, there are some core changes. I had a chance to do a fresh install, just recently. As I may have been quite acquainted (not an expert!) with Joomla 1.5, looking at Joomla 1.6 is very eye-pleasing but don’t look very much different.

Joomla 1.6 Control Panel
Joomla 1.6 Control Panel

Except, everything looks very neat.

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Mac, Apache, PHP5, MySQL – Manual Way!

Alright! I’ve decided to  equip my Macbook with Apache, PHP and MySQL. Reason? Well, working on stuff offline and sync the works later — faster development on my personal time this way. I think…

First, my Macbook OS is not latest, still a Leopard. 10.5.8. Here we go…

Mac OS X ver. 10.5.8
My OS Version

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Where’s my Friends List?

Not too long ago, Facebook upgrades (enhanced?) the user’s interface again. Naturally, some may find it better and some may say it sucks! But anyway, most will just adapt.

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Sharing blog updates

Alright, I kind of tired trying to make Facebook’s Notes import features to work with this blog’s feed. So I am looking for alternative. Here’s what I found so far. These are not exactly importing my articles here into Facebook, but it is somehow shared.

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More on Facebook – Notes/Blog Import

Facebook Apps' Bug?
Pic.1: Facebook Apps' Bug?

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