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Reminders, Contacts and iPhone 6 – iCloud Sync

iCloud sync, Mac OS X (Yosemite) and iOS 8 combined are great tools to keep my data updated to each other on the two most commonly use devices I have. A MacBook and an iPhone. After some personalized settings on my iPhone, I sometimes found that Reminders and Contacts on iPhone and/or MacBook were not updated or synchronized. WHY?

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Screen Capture your iPhone

I found this feature accidentally. iPhone has a built-in feature (I don’t know since when, but I’m using iPhone 3.0.1 OS) to capture screen.  All you need to do is hold “home” button and press “On/Off” button. Whallah! You have the screen captured saved in your photo gallery.

My Standby Screen
My Standby Screen
My Apps
My Apps
Power Plug-in Screen
Power Plug-in Screen

iPhone Features Wishlist

Well, yeap! I have an iPhone. iPhone 3G 16GB. It is kinda old version now, cause iPhone 3G[S] is out there. Never mind that, cause I think one that I have is sufficient at the moment.

I know… A lot of comments made about iPhone by many, but I was however very compelled by the thought of I am using MacBook and iPhone would be a great addition to it. Hopefully, less trouble integrating between the two since they are from the same manufacturer. I have had so much problems, little problems, every now and then, with my Atom Life running Windows Mobile 6.0. Mainly, the problems related to synchronization back to the Mac. Annoying!

At first, looking at the price tag I lost the interest of having one. Ridiculous! I said. I can own a pretty nice notebook with that much of money. Anyway, I got a real nice deal from a friend down in Singapore. He doesn’t like iPhone. Too many functions, he said. He sold it for only RM1,500.00 plus, teh tarik and maggi goreng, that he ate at the mamak joint.

Whoa! When I first got it, I thought it was really nice. iPhone 3G 16GB was the latest available at the time. That feeling doesn’t last. This piece has a lot of missing features! Basic features! Anyway, after iPhone OS 3.0 was released, pretty much all the basics are there. It satisfy me for a while, but now…

Hmm… well, here are my features wishlist:

1. Bluetooth sync to iTunes
I really don’t understand why iPhone has to have this feature missing. It can’t even utilize the iSync application built-in within MacOsX. I have to plug-in the USB in order to sync.

—  added 13/8  —
Now I kinda know what’s the rational behind not having this feature. Folks at Apple think that if you are going sync your iPhone it is better to sync using USB then anything else bcoz:

1- while sync’ing… you’re charging your battery and you need to this daily basis anyway
2- over bluetooth the transfer rate is too slow, compares to 480MB/s using USB, especially if you’re synchronizing some pictures/movies
3- to update “just” your contacts, emails and calendar you should use MobileMe and pay Apple for that service! And you can use the built-in Wi-Fi or 3G or EDGE. Hey those are wireless!



2. SMS/MMS Manager
Nokia provide this and more features via Nokia PC Suite for free! Wonderful apps! Sync, backup, SMS read, store, manage everything, even Symbian upgrade! Why Apple cannot have something, if not better, similar to this? Really disappoint.

3. Bluetooth file transfer
I know I can always email it to the next party, but then Bluetooth is so easy. Especially useful when you are on a flight! Your cellular coverage doesn’t go that high! It is really embarrassing carrying the so called “revolutionary” iPhone when you can’t even receive a file via BT.

I guess this list will grow from time to time. If you happen to know a product software(s) for iPhone that can help me with these; please drop me a note.

Thank you.

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