iCloud sync, Mac OS X (Yosemite) and iOS 8 combined are great tools to keep my data updated to each other on the two most commonly use devices I have. A MacBook and an iPhone. After some personalized settings on my iPhone, I sometimes found that Reminders and Contacts on iPhone and/or MacBook were not updated or synchronized. WHY?

It’s been working fine when it was iOS 8.0. I started to notice my Reminders’ items on my iPhone are not updated as per my MacBook somewhere after upgrading iOS to latest, currently 8.3. Or maybe after iTune updates. Then I realized some of recently added contact information on MacBook were not on my iPhone Contacts as well.

I am entirely sure, but I think it has something to do with disabling Photos iCloud sharing on iPhone and iPhoto (MacBook), automatic Updates on iPhone in Settings. Anyhow, here things I did to resolve this issue – semi-automatic.

iCloud Settings and Data

First, the iCloud. Verify that my devices are registered to the right account on iCloud and they are there. Login to my iCloud account at http://icloud.com and then click Settings. I have my MacBook and iPhone there – checked!

Devices iCould


Next verify whatever I’ve added, edit, updated, or deleted are reflecting to my iCloud Reminders and Contacts. Checked!

iTunes setting

This is completely optional. But I checked it anyway. “Uncheck” the box to prevent iPhone from syncing automatically. I somehow believe that this setting is more applicable if you’re not using iCloud, but rather synchronizing data directly with your MacBook. But I unchecked it anyway.

Itunes Settings

On iPhone – Contacts

Open Contacts apps and on the top left there is “Groups” that I can tap on. Tap on that, and I have the screen as below. On this screen, swipe down. It will initiate update/sync process. Tap “Done” and I can see all my Contacts records are updated as per the iCloud records.

Contacts - Group


On iPhone – Reminders

Open Calendar app. Yes, CALENDAR! On this app screen, down at the bottom center, I have “Calendars”. Tap on it and I’ll have my calendars’ subscriptions. Swipe down on this screen to refresh it. Once it has done updating, open Reminders, and I have all my data updated as well.

Calendar - CenterCalendar - Refresh










On MacBook – Reminders.

Works the same way as it is on iPhone. When some information updated on iPhone and they are not updated accordingly on MacBook Reminders, open Calendar app, and hit ⌘+R to refresh the Calendar. And relaunch Reminders app. Data should be updated now.

That’s it. Thanks for reading till here. 😝