I think there are new set of rules on the road being introduced for the road users around Klang Valley and its vacinities of late. I noticed it for at least 6 months back. Not sure which authority releasing it or when it become official but it has to be true because everyone seems to be doing it or otherwise seems to be okay with it. So here goes:

  1. The right most lane on the highway is NOT overtaking lane. It is the equal or less to the speed limit lane. For overtaking, please use any available left lanes.
  2. Both of left & right signal lights flashing (otherwise used to be known as hazard signal lights) is an indication to other road users for fast driven vehicle. Please make way to these vehicles else do not be mad for getting long-repeating high-beam or even honk, even when you have no way else to go. Try your best to make way.
  3. On other occasion, both left & right signal lights flashing is also meant to indicate the driver in the vehicle is having poor vision (i.e. heavy rain situation), and please let him/her drive in any lane he/she wishes for at any speed he/she is comfortable with.
  4. For actual hazardous situation (i.e. car break down), just leave your car exactly where the trouble happened and leave the car for your own safety. If you are being considerate, open your engine boot or luggage trunk so other road users know that you’re in car problem situation and not parking.
  5. Between lanes there are dashed-lines. Those lines are no longer an indicator of lane separator. It is now motorcyclist lane. Ideally, other vehicles must allow themselves approximately 1.0m away from those lines to allow comfortable and safe traffic flows for motorcyclist. It is their rights, else behold the profuse hocking and some times even nice refreshing thundering muffler revving by your door.
  6. If you need to make real quick purchase in a store (i.e. 7-Eleven) don’t worry of looking for parking. You are allowed to park right in front of the store. Upon coming out just smile & wave your hands (saying you’re sorry) to the people waiting for you. They’ll understand. Even if they’re not, you’re moving out of the way already. So no problem there.

Safe drive everyone and Happy Chinese New Year!