When I upgraded to Mac OS Lion, I didn’t notice this ‘Sync Now’ icon. But it appeared on my Menubar soon after. I didn’t really care about it because later I realized it helps me to manually sync’ed with my Google Apps contents (i.e.:Address book (Google Contacts)).

Well, to remove it from the Menubar is easy. Command (⌘)+ Click on the icon and drag it off the Menubar. Done!

How do you get it back??!

Here’s what I did.

Address Book's Preferences
Address Book's Preferences

Open the Address Book’s Preferences. On Account, click Configure. And then click “OK”. And the Sync Now icon back on your Menubar.

Remember, when you click on Configure; continue to click “OK”. Should you choose to click “Cancel”, your Preferences will automatically assumed that you no longer want to synchronize with Google.