“Part daydream, Part discipline” … That’s the description given for Oneiric Ocelot, which is also my ‘new friend’. We didn’t get along very well for the past few days, since we met. Every time she faced me from the windows opened, she doesn’t look very pretty, doesn’t really react the way I need her to be, and worse part doesn’t make me happy every time I’m facing her!

Okay, let’s cut the crap! This is actually my Ubuntu Linux OS – 11.10 that I’m talking about. I have it installed on a DELL Vostro 3400 model.For the past few days (on and off); I have been trying to get Unity work on this notebook. I just think it is nice and pretty (and neat too). But I didn’t work!!

So, if looking for same thing as me, and you’re installing the same OS on the same DELL model I’d like to suggest that you DO NOT do the this:

Install the “Additional NVIDIA” drivers as recommended / pop up once your installation is complete.

As soon as you completed your installation (after the first reboot); login. Ubuntu will prompt you with this additional drivers notification. Just open it (to make it go away) and close the window without installing anything. Then, open up the Terminal. Do these commands:

:$ sudo lshw -c display

This is to detect and show what video/display adapter you have in your system. If you did installed the Additional Drivers as prompted, you may or may not seeing the same thing as per shown below (skip this and scroll to the bottom of this post.)

Then, do this command to see if your default install has what it needs to run Unity:

/usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p

I hope you’re seeing something like this screen-shot:

Oh! No!

If you have already installed the Additional Driver and your Unity doesn’t work, simply reinstalling the Ubuntu from you live CD, following the same steps you did installing it the 1st time, won’t work! You need to use the option of “format” the disk, and manual repartition (just to be sure) – then re-install.

I find it strange, some how mess-up setting in previous installation ‘survive’ the reinstallation if you don’t do the “format”. I chose use the entire-disk option and “wipe” the disk; every time… but w/o the repartition, when it completed install and boot up, I still didn’t have the Unity interface that I want.

But now, I’m ok. Happy looking at her. *LMAOL*