Being a lazy-Sunday system administrator, I upgraded the WordPress back-end without doing the usual best practice, B.a.c.k.u.p.! *stupid! don’t ever do this again*. Whatever your reasons are, find a way to backup.. Always..

Well, I’ve upgraded few other sites – nothing worth to remember happens. It was event-less, no problem, mundane, nothing and boring. Click upgrade automatically; take a sip of coffee, flip few TV channels and done. Go to the site URL and everything looks fine. Not  today!!

I went to site URL: and I got this:

I wasn’t panic yet… Told myself, “It’s okay… This sometimes happened. Just go “wp-admin” and what updates I need to further upgrade to fix this. So, I went to WordPress URL. Uh-ooooooohh! The same error as above. Now I panic, cause I don’t have anything backed up!

I quickly mobile text to the site owner , “Oh no!! Something happened to!”. I better let her know before she finds it herself. *the room feels like a bit too chill now* I went blank for a moment. I rarely facing this type of situation. *LOL*

Anyway, few minutes past by; I finally get my brain running again. Google the error message and it brought me to here: arrastheme forum.

Two options: (1) apply Theme’s patch. — can’t do because I cannot login to WordPress dashboard.

(2) manually change a line code in <web folder>/wp-content/themes/arras/library/widgets.php. — yeap I go for this one.

class Arras_Widget_Tag_Cloud extends WP_Widget_Tag_Cloud {
    function Arras_Widget_Tag_Cloud() {
        //(I comment this) $this->WP_Widget_Tag_Cloud();
        //(I add the line below, as per the forum suggest)

Save the file and reload the URL. Wheww.. It fixed!