Not too long ago, Facebook upgrades (enhanced?) the user’s interface again. Naturally, some may find it better and some may say it sucks! But anyway, most will just adapt.

I’m one of those in that last group of people, “adapt”. Well, anyway… I grouped some of my contacts into a smaller “Friends List”, i.e.: Family, High-School, College & etc. so I can view their New Feeds or latest posts, filtering out the rest (especially the games updates and applications posts).

After the upgrade, I can’t seem to find Friend List button!

No more button. The access to it is rather easier now… From your home page Wall, click on “Most Recent”.  Click on it again. You’ll see drop down menu. Your “Friend List” should be there. Click on which list you want to view and whalla! Most Recent/News Feed is now filtered to only you wish to see according to update time, most recent on the top – naturally. “Choose another” for more Friends List to select from.

 Here’s a snip, should the description is not clear for you.

FB Most Recent
FB Most Recent