Alright, I kind of tired trying to make Facebook’s Notes import features to work with this blog’s feed. So I am looking for alternative. Here’s what I found so far. These are not exactly importing my articles here into Facebook, but it is somehow shared.


WordPress has a built-in setup for the users to enable sharing to their social network sites. Nice!

Login to your WordPress account and get into “Dashboard”. On your left, there is Dashboard menu. Expand the list and click on “My Blogs”. Under “Publicize” thick where you want your blog to be published or shared.

You will need to confirm few approval pages, but I think that’s pretty standard procedure these days.

That’s it! And I think if you’re a user of WordPress, this probably the simplest thing to do.

This is how it appears in your Facebook account:


Twitterfeed has some pretty advance options. If you like to have more controls over things you published, this is probably your answer. Twitterfeed can pickup some specific words within your article to be selected for publishing purpose. This is especially useful if you have different place to publish different things, but you’re updating all those from a single site.

Go ahead, try it yourself. It’s free!