I’m writing this as a self reminder. From where I come, we’re about to go into massive festive season and there will be millions of vehicles on the road. Not just one particular roads, it will be literally, every road!

I found this video through Facebook, tagged from a friend to another and end up on my wall. Well, if you have a Facebook account, click here to view it.

The problem with road traffic, because there are too many idiots! — Says you (more like, says everyone of us). All the time, when driving we always believe we have the right, it is our way, why can’t you wait a little until I pass and the road is all yours! And normally when rage takes over, this line come up from nowhere, “Idiot, you don’t know who you’re messing with!!”. How often this occurred to you?

Well, let me tell you, this is exactly how it started. The whole problem! (In my opinion, of course).

Yes, maybe you’re right on your lane and you’re not exactly in hurry to get to your destination. But then of course, no one really wants to stay on the road longer than necessary and would like to be at your destination soonest (and safe, yeah! I’m sure of this). All of sudden, there was one idiot cutting lanes from your left. No signal was given and poking the tip of his (or her) bumper right in front of you!! With his poker face he looked in front into the blanks (as if his staring at something but you know he is not looking at anything, but avoiding your eye contact only) and gave no regards to you.

Most of my cases, I got pissed! What the hell?! I said. Then it is all began…

I’ll started to feel blood rushing into my face (and my ears would probably turned red!). My heart beating faster and I am determined, this guy is not going to get in my front! Shift the gear, and rev a little, inched closer to the car in front. Wiggled a bit to the right and when I felt there is enough way ahead of that idiot, I’ll steer back to left. When the packs starting to move further, I’ll quickly tailed and make more left. Now, I won!! The guy won’t have a chance. Victory! Right? Feel good,.. Duuh. Idiot! Who’d you think you’re messing with?

Well, when it is not your day, you get even more pissed off. The guy would probably gets his way in anyway and then changed to another lane and another. At this point, if you still didn’t come out from your anger you would probably chase the guy and began to make dangerous stunts. Changing lanes, breaking and revving. The goal?! I must beat this guy! Idiot! Who do you think you’re messing with?! This act is not (probably not, you’re the hustler!) dangerous to you, but come to think about it, it is sure dangerous for other people around you. Motorcyclists for instant. Other people who doesn’t know you’re on a mission. It is not like you have sirens blasting or something. When they do not anticipate you, there might have not enough time for them to make way or even break for you.

Now, when an accident happens; what the point? You’re not exactly in hurry and you don’t want to stay longer than necessary on the road, initially. You want to reach to your destination safely. Remember? Those are the initial goals and always the goals! Now, think about it again. Who is the idiot? Really?

But the video link I shared above has better presentation of how a split second action on the road changes everything in the next years to come, likely for the rest of your life since. Not only yours, but more importantly, to the innocent people around at that moment, your passengers, family maybe? Theirs effected too!

At a junction slow moving traffic and you are on the main road, suddenly there is a car seems in hurry wanted to turn into that junction. You noticed this but at that moment, what do you do? You sure have the right to move forward (not if there is yellow box, but who cares?), because turning in traffic has to let you go first. You are on the main road and the way is yours. Then only he can turn. By law. But then, you can’t move further either because the car in front of you kind of moving too slow and it won’t be enough space for the guy to turn in if you move in front.  In the right sense, you’ll stop and give way to this guy. But surprisingly this doesn’t happens a lot. When you move forward anyway, the guy can’t turn. He makes his face and you said… What? Idiot..! It’s my way and why can’t you wait a little until I pass and the road is all yours?! If this is exactly how it happens, think again, who’s the idiot now…

There are just too many examples of how inconsiderate and out of control we can be when it comes to driving. With this festive holidays and the road conditions, it will be worse than any other day. I hope I will be calmed and fresh when these challenges happen to me. I will be driving my family to our hometown this year. It will be during the peak time and I’m expecting the worse. To my fellow road-travelers, I hope you all realize this bad conditions and will be (or at least trying) be very patient. Some way some how, there will be idiots on the road but let’s not turn that word mirrored back to us. I’ll try to do my best!