I know I have a post about updating Facebook’s Notes direct feed from a blog site, here. But I also found that I sometime do not want to share everything from my blog to my Fb Notes. So, I removed the ‘import’. Being fickle-minded like me, few days later, I want it back importing! *LOL*

Anyway, recently I was looking for the Fb “Like” button to be added at the end of a post, here in WordPress.com blogging site. Reason? Well nothing big really, just trying make an article easier to be shared if any visitor think it is worth sharing. But really, I just don’t want Fb to import everything anymore.. With this I can just click Like/Share button of any article I want to share. That particular one only.

As always, I googled! What I found mostly are solutions for WordPress.org folks (paid version of WordPress, I think)!! I googled and googled,.. and I finally convinced there is no solution for my FREE blogging service at WordPress.com, for such ‘cool & nice’ functions. If you want it, pay for it! Well, I was wrong…

So for those who is looking for the same feature, follow these steps:

(1) Login to your wordpress.com site. On your left most menu, click on the drop-down menu for “Setting”.


(2) It opens something like this:

(3) Drag icon of your favorite for sharing from “Available Services” to “Enabled Services” and click “Save Changes” at the bottom. You’re done!!

This is easier and better than having to install the plugin yourself! Silly! I was looking for plugin, widget and/or scripts to be added on my WordPress.com so I can have that Fb icon for hours!! Turns out it is just there all those hours while..

Wasted my time.. Damn it! But thank you WordPress.Com for making it available anyway… Very nice!

Updated: 7/Sept/10

I then realized, there is also further options with the Facebook button ‘dropdown’; check the screenshot for what I meant:

More Options!

This way, you can control how you would like to have the button appears on the page. Duhh! I prefer “Like” button. You can see it down here. 😀