Well, if you hit the roads frequent enough and BlackBerry’s email services just isn’t sufficient, you will come to understand how important ‘tethering’ is.

I was having a hard time to make this work initially. I’ve gone to various forums make this works, but none really shows/tells me how to do it. I’ve downloaded few scripts as advice, this and that. Nothing works! Out of desperation, I even tried (trial-and-error) CID setting all the way to CID 10!!

Well now, I finally found it! And it works on my MacBook via USB and Blue-Tooth. Here’s how:

"LN-BB" My BlackBerry Name

First, pair your BlackBerry with your Mac. I’m sure most of you already know how to do this. So, I will skip the details. If you have done the pairing, you will notice from your drop-down Blue-Tooth menu (Menu Bar Icons), there is no “Connect” option at your BlackBerry device (see picture: in my case, my BlackBerry is “LN-BB”).

Don’t worry, that’s not the way to connect to the internet via your BlackBerry anyway. 🙂

Now, if you have not installed BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac; I suggest you do that first. Because I think upon installing that, it will also install the necessary files (if it is in Windows we’ll refer it as device drivers) to make your BlackBerry works as modem.

Alright, Blue-Tooth pairing – done! Desktop Manager – installed! As far as it is for me; these are the two things required. The rest are just setting.

Go to Apple icon and click System Preferences. (By the way, my MacBook has Mac OS X 10.5.8, so if you’re behind or ahead of my version; your steps may varies here. But I don’t think it will differs much.)

Configure Bluetooth

Under “Hardware” choose “Bluetooth”. Select your BlackBerry Bluetooth device (mine will be LN-BB); and click on “setting” icon to choose “Configure this device…”

You should check the box saying something about accessing the internet via your device and click “Next”. You will then see something like this.

Setting the details

On phone vendor; find “Research In Motion”. It should be there if you already installed BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Phone Model; BlackBerry IP Modem (GSM).

Here, I leave the “Username” and “Password” empty. Just the APN; “celcom3g”. CID:1.

Then click, “Continue” and next page “Quit”. There should be note saying proper serial port created for you.

Now, go back to “System Preferences”. Choose “Network”. Click on the “+” sign and add a new interface. Choose Interface; “Bluetooth” and give an appropriate name. Mine is “BlackBerry Tether”.

Celcom's Setting

Configuration: I add a new config title, “Celcom”. I think this is completely optional.

Telephone Number: -empty-

Account Name: celcom3g

Password: celcom3g

Just to be sure, click on “Advance” to confirm the settings there reflect your earlier Bluetooth device setting. Look for “Research In Motion”. Check CID and APN. If it is all good, then just click “Ok”.

Click on “Apply” and you’re done! Click on “Connect” whenever you need to tether.

Hope this helps. I’m sure there is better way to do this or a simpler steps; but this is how I did mine.

When I setup tethering via USB; even simpler! I connect my BlackBerry to Mac. Open System Preferences and click “Network”. At this point, my Mac prompts the existence of a device that can be a gateway to the Internet. I click “Configure”. Then, insert the same setting/details as per the Bluetooth setting just now. Done!