Personally, I find it better for me as compared to my previous iPhone (no offense). Not perfect but better. Maybe it is just because of my gadgets combination; Mac + Blackberry.

So here what I like (and don’t)…

My BlackBerry

Synchronization with Mac.

This piece works wonderful with BlackBerry Desktop Manager (duuhh!). It sync with my Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes right from the beginning. As far as I remember, I didn’t do much, except plugging in the USB cable and whallaa, it asked few setting questions then synchronizing!

It also check for the firmware update, and prompt me accordingly. I said “Yes” (or “OK” or something like that) and it began downloading the updates and about 30 minutes, all are done and updated to OS 5.X.X.

However, so far I don’t see a way to synchronize it via Blue-Tooth. I haven’t really looking for it at this moment.


This is especially what I like. I can set the initial view to weekly and there’s my calendar for the whole week at a glance. I can even set the ‘working-hours’ so it only display within the effective intervals.


There are so many options for you to personalize your Bold to fit your personality. Thou, theme wise I stick with the default “Zen” after trying a few themes available free out there. I didn’t really find any themes that provides real advantage – and well I like it as it is.


When it was first on my palm, I thought this device would be a power-source-eater device! With constant 3G, GSM, Blue-Tooth and Wi-Fi; I thought it will be attached to the PC-USB or charger most of the time. Surprisingly, I only charging my Bold in average of 2 days once. Depending on my usage, but mostly I am moderate on calls. I’m more onto texting and emails.


This is nice! I like it very much. As you insert the device into the holster it automatically goes into standby mode. All the keys and buttons are disabled to avoid accidental press.

You can also set an additional option on security where it locks automatically upon holstering. I didn’t use this feature as I don’t care much for password protecting. Bad habit, I know…

Through Option, you can set the type of your alerts when it is holstered or out-of-holster. For example, as you receive an incoming call, when the device is holstered it vibrates and rings. As soon as you pull it out, it stop vibrates and stop ringing! You can set auto-answer if you want. I didn’t. If the device is already out of holster, it just rings. Upon finish talking, just insert the device back into the holster, and it ends your call! Isn’t that nice? ๐Ÿ™‚


Not as good as iPhone’s browser, but fair enough – it is still very nice and clean. It is sufficient for most of my browsing needs.

BlackBerry Messenger.

This is a real plus. I don’t need to sms people and pay for it. Here with Celcom, I paid RM38 flat for all the BlackBerry services. Texting all I want. The only drawback, it is only limited to BlackBerry users. But hey, YM works the same on this device.


Well, this is the fundamental service by BlackBerry. It works well so far.

Responses and performances.

Screen response is relatively very fast. Even with some custom themes that I’ve tried with, complete with screen transitions, it is still very very fast. Copying contents to and from my Mac is very breeze as well.


If you install this application and you are used to iPhone’s FB apps., you’ll very likely to hate it!! RIM (Research in Motion) intends to maximize the usage of email capability on BlackBerry to keep you posted ‘live’. I don’t know if this is great but for me, it is pretty silly. I have to go into FB account setting and enables all of the notifications via email (if you want to receive every instance notifications) and I end up with tonnes of FB notification emails in my inbox. Even thou, these notifications has been viewed on my BB FB apps.

Built-in Map for GPS

The worse kind, plus incomplete of map I ever seen on a such high-technology device. What were they thinking?? I don’t know… Is it so hard to utilize/integrate the readily available Google-Map? Well, maybe it is…

Power On / Restarting

I got to tell you, this is one of the most annoying (after FB apps actually) thing about my BlackBerry. There is power button, but if press it doesn’t ‘completely’ turn off! It just kinda ‘sleep’. I didn’t notice this earlier. I thought BlackBerry just boot super-fast, at first. But then, I notice after I install applications that require restart it actually took longer. If I’d say ‘No’ during the installation process to restart; I can’t get to that ‘real’ restart anymore unless I install/uninstall something else.

There’s a way, posted across forums (which I found it later); pressing alt+aAโ†‘+del buttons; will restart your device. But the recommended way to get real-restart is by pulling out the battery!! *LOL*

Last but not least… One of the most important thing! …


I am able to tether to the Internet via USB cable and as well as via Blue-Tooth, regardless of my cellular provider and no hacking job! Well, again no offense to iPhone and Apple’s business model. I understand that, just I don’t like that. I’m sure there are million others who hate it too. In fact, because I don’t want to hack iPhone and I don’t want to switch to Maxis, made me decide to give BlackBerry a try!