I have been having muscles pain surrounding the area of neck shoulders for more than just a few weeks now. And at times, the sore, it went all the way down to waist and knee.

I went to the clinic a few times because of this. General thought was something to do with blood pressure. But I am glad however, my BP reads around 120/80 every time. So I don’t have a blood pressure problem.

What could it be? Stress? I don’t know about that for sure. The last few months to the date are not exactly super-stressful period but problems are always there. Problems and me, are like good friends and I am trying to keep it at bays. This could be just one of the factor.  Irregular sleeping hours. Yeap, I regularly have this issue. Food, pillow & mattress? Yeah, but then nothing much different from what I have been taking and using for the last few years. Bottom line, I don’t really know for sure what causing it.

Last weekend, something in a local news paper caught my attention. Fibromyalgia! Reading the article, I found most of the symptoms matching what I’ve been experiencing. Well, I haven’t seen a doctor to clarify this, but from this article it touches something about food in take and physical therapy programs.

I am not much of clinics or hospitals fan, neither I am with the medicines! So, I have been trying to stretch my muscles regularly and control my food in take for four days now. I am so happy that the pain seems to ease up on me! Yeay! I stretch before and after sleep, after every an hour or so in front of a PC/Meeting/etc. Simple stretch by the way…

I know exercise is important, good food, and etc, etc. I’m lacking on it but I guess I just have push myself back to it regularly.