I went for a regular maintenance service for an old 520i BWM, E39. When I get back the car, all of sudden I realized all the temperature indicators have turned into Fahrenheit instead of Celsius. For a while, I thought it was cool. But then I just want to change it back to Celsius, couldn’t figured it how… I read through the manual but I didn’t seem to find it.

I tried to google a bit and finally found this:


I tried, but doesn’t exactly to work on mine. So here is how I did on mine and now I can toggle between the two any time I want. 😉

1. Insert your ignition key and turn to ON. Don’t start your car (I don’t know if it works the same, but it is not necessary).

2. Firmly press on your Odometer Reset button about 5 seconds, and turn your ignition key to OFF.

3. The next time you trying to start your engine, you’ll see your temperature indicator is now displaying on Celsius (or vice versa).