In our life, I am sure many of you would agree to this statement. Looking back; this may not happened as directly to your life, but if you are running a business it may directly relates. 

Each and every moment like this comes, you have a decision to make. And this is the turning point. A lot of the times, once a decision is made and execution rolled you’ll have very little room to make adjustment, until you are presented with another chance to make another decision. 

Opportunity seems always to pop-up just about when you are not ready. And this is just so true in business, at least to mine. I’m okay with opportunities coming like that. There are always ways to accommodate, plan and execute. Sometimes, winning were in hand and sometimes not.

Unfortunately, so does problem! It also pops-up just about when you are not ready or least expected! Damn it and I’m not very resourceful when it comes to this. For years, I have this problem…

Little I know, the business I’m running to the date has thought me, if not much; some I gained — Opportunities and Problems are alike! It is just how you look at things or paradigm. People say, Paradigm Change or Change of Perspectives. 

Some may refer ‘problem’ as ‘challenge’. So you see, if you look at problem as challenge, it doesn’t necessarily means problem is problem per se. And if you look at opportunities as challenges, even that cannot be always something you positively want.

Yes, that’s it! Let’s turn the unexpected or even the expected problem into opportunity. And even if it is a real problem at hand, in business, the question is how to make that problem to our advantage.