I was separated from my notebook for a total of two-days only! It was weekend and it was Hari Raya Qurban.

Today, I have had outside meetings and have been using my Mac – battery powered all the way. From the indicator at the end of the meeting, it still has about 20% or so to go, but once I got to office, I connect the MagSafe. Oh-Oh! The connector has a tiny LED and it’s blinking green. So far, the color indicator means the following:

Steady Green – Fully Charged!
Steady Amber/Orange – Charging…

I have not had anything else, but today … blinking green!! What the heck is that means? Ermm.. Anyway, I turned off the power source and unplugged the connection. Reconnect the connector, and power on. It work just fine now.

But I still wonder, will this be the beginning…? I hope not!