Then Next President of the United States
The Next President of the United States

Barack Obama. Yeah, that is one famous name today. I must have heard and saw this name over and over for more than a hundred times today. Well, it is a big course of event for the world history.

For Americans, I am sure they are counting days now for the Inauguration Day – the day that mark Obama, the President-Elect becomes the President of the United States. And that’s noon of January 20th, 2009. Whatever that Bush been doing, the people are just sick and tired about it. They want change and they’re hoping for the better days to come.

For Obama, his journey begins…


About few years back around our country, the plots and scenes were not exactly the same but it sounded similar. Phrases like Landslide Victory!, …we have full mandate of the people to bring CHANGE to our beloved country…, Great Political Success!, Uninamous support from people of the nation, cleansing the administration and many more similar praises and sentences of hope, widely aired and printed in mass medias around the nation.

Prime Minister of Malaysia
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi - The Current Prime Minister of Malaysia

Like Obama, Pak Lah promised great things and greater days were to come when he first stepped into becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia. It feels like CHANGE has come for Malaysia. Overwhelming!! The whole county was celebrating it with great deal of hopes.

Yes, what Americans are feeling right now — we Malaysian felt it first!

Sadly, promises were just left as promises and it seems like nothing more than a good dream, for some. When the reality hits, it is now a complete the opposite and a series of nightmares, for many!

For Pak Lah, his journey is about to come to an end…