When we were kids, I never understood why my mom, dad (sometimes), grandmas, aunties; I mean someone  close to you, would sit nearby when you were eating. They looked at you, and sometimes they smiled and sometimes just no expression. More like, you don’t know what’s going on in their heads.

I am a father myself today. Looking at my kids eating is somewhat very calming. And it was beautiful!

I must say, to have these folks eating at a table, properly seated and eat the food in front them is not is not an exactly everyday thing for us, the parents! *LOL* These are very active bunch! But I’m happy, because I believe they’re happy too.

Anyway, watching them eating makes me feels calm, happy, satisfied and many more feelings I can’t explain; all mixed and it is sometime overwhelming — when come to think about it. They get what they want to eat, and more importantly I’m able to give it to them. Knowing they will eat their favorite dishes with happy thoughts and be whatever-active or however-active will they be after that – even to ransack the house, but it is okay. Yeah well… I will be making a hell-lot-of noise about that when they did, but in the end it’s okay. They’re growing up well, healthy and happy. It is all part of the growing up package and I was probably worse then. Ask my mom!