“Blog… should be easy. Well, hey I can do it anytime… Sure, I can do this”…

Now I’m stuck! I’ve carefully considered between two popular hosts, wordpress or blogspot? Well, the choice is pretty obvious now. But I’m stuck! The earlier thoughts of how ‘blogging should be easy‘ and ‘I can do it anytime…‘ are just gone everytime I login and trying to write something.

This piece was somehow the 3rd or 4th attempts in writting. Pretty obvious now, host has nothing to do with my ability to write. *LOL*

Before I have myself registered, it seems like I have a lot of things to write and share. I feel like I have a lot of things to share. Sheeessss! Now, I’m stuck! I can’t even begin to think of a topic. Since I have no particular topic to write, I finally decided to write exactly the topic that I am facing now, STUCK.

I believe I can just write about anything. I know I can. The thing is, few years back when weblog was something new, I had this discussion over morning coffee with a colleague. Weblog is a space for people who thinks people actually read what they wrote — silly. Yeah, the ‘silly’ part is actually my problem. I did agreed with him and we actually had few round rounds of good laughs about people whose writting in blogs. Now, I am stuck. Silly.

The other problem, I thought if I can actually come out with something really good to write about it will compensate the silly feeling part. But after a few days registering a blog site, I still don’t have a good substance to write. And it is a mind boggling during my writting time (even now!).

Well… what the heck?! I don’t expect my blog site to be famous anyway. There are millions (maybe?) of blog sites out there and chances of people to find this site is what, a fraction of a percent? So yeah, I will keep this account and I will keep writing whatever I feel like. Silly? I’m stuck.